Connect Volare II via Bluetooth and Wifi


The Volare is capable of connecting to your system through either Bluetooth or Wifi. Each method has its strengths: Wifi connection allows you to sync faster and stay connected for as far as your wifi allows, but must be configured with SSID and password of the local Wifi . Bluetooth allows the scanner to connect to any system with Bluetooth capacities without needing to be configured, but must stay within the Bluetooth range of the system it is connected to.

Pair Bluetooth connection:

  1. Turn on the Volare and ensure that the screen reads ‘BLUETOOTH MODE ADDRESS’
    • To switch modes, press the Up button, then the Check button when prompted.

  2. Open the Bluetooth settings on your system.
  3. Find the device that matches the serial number of the Volare you are connecting. (The Volare serial number can be found on the bottom of the scanner.

  4. Pair the Volare via Bluetooth. The pairing code is 1234.

  5. The Volare is now paired with the system. Connect it in DeviceManager to scan and sync tags.


Configure Volare for Wifi Connection:

  1. Turn on the Volare and ensure that the screen reads

  2. Plug in the Volare with the mini USB cord included in the initial packaging
    • Note: configuring WIFI requires a Windows connection
  3. Open the WifiCong Tool Attached Below

  4. Use the following steps to configure the Volare:
    • Open the corresponding ComPort the Volare is connected to
      1. Check the ComPort by opening the Devices and Printers page in the Windows Control Panel. You will see the Bosa Program Port device and the ComPort number in parenthesis).
    • Select ‘Enter Configure Mode’
    • Input Wifi Details in the required boxes: SSID, Password, and the IP designated IP address for this unite. (Check with your IT to make sure a designated IP is reserved for this devices to avoid overlap.)
    • Select ‘Configure Wifi Settings
    • Select Enter Normal Mode
    • Close the ComPort
  5. Restart the Volare, the Wifi ID and IP address should be changed to the correct settings.
  6. The Volare is now configured to the local WIFI settings. Connect the device in Device Manager to Scan and sync tags.




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